Joseph MARTIN places people at the heart of its global human resources policy.

The company’s performance is thus based on the skills and management of its people on a daily basis.

Recruitment and integration

Recruitment is carried out on the basis of rigorous criteria: technical skills and human behavior.

Everyone benefits from personalized support as soon as they take up their position.

Skills development, internal mobility and professional equality between men and women

We ensure the development of skills and the loyalty of our employees (internal and external training, professionalization contracts, GPEC*…).

We offer an environment, methods and means consistent with our quality standards.

Joseph MARTIN is committed to the internal development of its staff to accompany them throughout their professional life.

We also strive to further promote women within the framework of our gender equality agreement.

GPEC: Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences (forward-looking management of jobs and skills)

Promotion of screw-cutting professions:

  • Commitment to young people

In order to pass on our know-how and to perpetuate employment in the Arve Valley, Joseph MARTIN is involved in the promotion of screw-cutting and industrial trades through various actions:

  • Visits to our sites for groups of students from 3ème to Terminale, in partnership with local schools, and outside the region.
  • Participation since 2019 in the “Com’ les pros” event, the aim of which is to introduce the general public to our various professions.
  • Welcoming trainees and work-study students in apprenticeship from the second year of secondary school.
  • Intervention with high school students to present and promote our businesses during the Industry Week, as part of the School-Business Actions (event supported by the CSM and the MEDEF Haute-Savoie).


  • Accompaniment of people undergoing professional reconversion

Since 2012, Joseph MARTIN has been training and recruiting through the Alpège employer group and in collaboration with Pôle emploi people undergoing professional reconversion, within the framework of a professionalization contract that certifies and qualifies.