Electrical and hydraulic connectors

Turning of parts for the connector industry

Joseph Martin, a specialist in screw-cutting since 1946 in the Arve Valley in Haute-Savoie (74) in France, manufactures electrical connectors in brass with or without lead for large series. (From 150 000 pieces per year)

We produce bi-material lugs in Aluminium / Copper assembled in-house by laser welding.

We also machine hydraulic connectors in steel (S300/11SMn30) and stainless steel (1.4570). These parts are used in high-speed inkjet printers for the food industry.

Machined parts for hydraulic connectors

On our high speed production means, we produce components for electrical outlets and connectors, out of unleaded brass.

bar-turning parts for connectic industry

Machined parts for hydraulic connectors

We produce steel or stainless steel hydraulic connectors, useful for different applications as interconnection of industrial systems or inkjet printing.

Joseph Martin manufactures, assembles and tests valves for different pressure ranges starting at 10 mbar and going up to (info NLF)

We work on :

  • Single spindle
  • Pulsed laser
  • Some of these parts are also made of natural PEEK plastic (Ketron1000).