Control means for machining turned parts

Joseph MARTIN is equipped with the latest generation of control means to meet your dimensional, structure and cleanliness requirements.


The diversity of our metrology labs enables us to measure a wide range of dimensional characteristics through “traditional” and automatic means. Control tools are present in our workshops to manage the production as best as possible.

  • 2 3D machines
  • 2 measurement projectors
  • 6 roughness measurement devices
  • 1 X-ray measurement machine (for thickness of surface treatments)
  • 2  Eddy Current devices
  • 5 machines for dimensional camera control
  • 1 CS5000 NC profile and roughness machine
  • 3 shape defect measurement devices
  • 1 coercive field measurement device
supplier and subcontractor for bar-turning

Supplier and subcontractors management

We check and analyze our parts according to your requirements at different stages of the process, from the receipt of the raw material to the final shipment.

  • 3 devices for hardness and micro-hardness measurements
  • 1 X-ray machine (for material composition)
  • 2 surface treatment thickness measurement machines (Fischer probe)

Cleanliness lab

Since 1997, cleanliness has been one of our priorities:   we have been among the first companies investing in a laboratory of particle measurements. This device enables us to meet our customers’ specifications according to international cleanliness standards.

  • 1 PALL particle extraction bench
  • 1 OLYMPUS automatic particle measurement and counting microscope