Bar-turning for luxury sector

Turning piece for luxury lighter wheels

Since the beginning we are an actor in the luxury sector. Joseph MARTIN has conceived & developed a machine with cold-heading technology to form pinion teeth of lighter wheels, made of nitrided 35NCD16 steel.

turning piece for luxury lighter wheels
bar-turning part for luxury sector

Bar-turning part for the luxury cosmetics sector

We can produce decorative parts for luxury sector while respecting dimensional requirements.

  • Cream applicator, care and eye contour
  • Designed in stainless steel for comfort of use and a decongestant effect
  • Automatic control of the critical dimensions are done at 100%.
  •  Control of aspect by sampling according to NQA method.

Manufacturer of grips or handles for luxury pens

Our perfect management of decorative parts enables us to realize special grips dedicated to a comfortable usage of pens.

Moreover, a specific default library for each product, guarantees the quality of the delivered items.

bar-turning part for luxury pen