The world of French luxury. At Joseph MARTIN, we have been supporting the biggest names in the sector for years.


Precision machining for luxury accessories and cosmetics

We design decorative parts for luxury cosmetics sector while meeting dimensional constraints.

We manufacture stainless steel cream applicators, for eye contour treatment. The stainless is easy to use and provides a decongestant sensation “Ice effect”.

Automatic checks of critical dimensions are carried out at 100% and appearance checks are carried out by sampling following the NQA method.

machined part luxury goods


turned part manufacturer watch industry

In the field of watchmaking and jewelry, precision is the soul of beauty.

Each of our micro components is shaped with the greatest care, because we understand the crucial importance of each small part in the creation of quality watches and jewelry. Our teams are committed to maintain high standards of precision, using our expertise and cutting-edge technology to produce components that contribute to the beauty and precision of these exceptional pieces.

We are proud to offer you reliable and carefully designed micro component machining solutions.

Luxury lighter and pen

Machining parts for high-end lighters and pens

We have designed and developed a machine for striking the teeth, necessary for the manufacture of lighter wheels.

Our mastery of appearance parts allows us to create handles for pens called “grips”, thus guaranteeing comfort of use.

A specific default library for each part guarantees the quality of the delivered product.