Machining and industrialization engineering


Each new part is followed up by a project manager that drives the different start-up steps according to the specifications underlying each industry.

From prototypes to serial production, we optimize and make our manufacturing processes more reliable, thanks to rigorous APQP phases management.

Joseph MARTIN  designs and produces in-house the needed tools and equipment required for  the production of  parts and sub-assemblies. Our tooling and mechanics workshops are equipped with the latest CNC machine technologies. These allow us to master the production and assembly processes.

All this is possible thanks to:

  • 4 electro erosion by wire machines
  • 2 CNC shaping grinders
  • 1 5-axis grinding center
  • 2 EWAG universal grinders

We are developing in-house automatic control solutions, matching to different markets. The specific cleanliness requirements of our customers are integrated at the very first component’s study.

design office for high precision parts
conception of custom made parts


Our know-how and experience remain at your disposal to provide relevant economical and technical solutions.

Herewith, Joseph MARTIN  accompanies its customers in the design of their products:

  • Selection of best matching material;
  • Proposal of best matching treatment:   heat or  surface treatment;
  • Definition of subassemblies (technical advices, support for definition of shapes and tolerances of the assembled parts)

Internal design

We design and carry out our own fittings adapted to the production of parts and subassemblies:

  • Specific tool holder;
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic or CNC devices;
  • Integration of complete machining solutions with automatic feeding and built-in controls;
  • Automatic assembly lines incorporating online controls;
  • Automatic 100%-control carousels, integrating different requested check points (measurement, functional or aspect controls)