For more than 75 years, our company has been established between Geneva and Chamonix. Specialized in high-precision bar turning and assembly of sub-assemblies, our investments and innovations allow us to meet the industrial challenges of tomorrow

The performance of our company, based on the technical and human skills of our employees, is able to meet the specific requirements of our customers in the automotive, electrical, luxury and medical sectors. Looking to the future, we are now positioning ourselves in booming sectors such as e-mobility or hydrogen.


We develop team spirit and respect by promoting exchanges and consultation with the women and men who are at the heart of our company.

A societal

We are engaged to young people and people undergoing professional career change through apprenticeship and professionalization contracts.

for excellence:

Our highly qualified staff members benefit throughout their career from internal and external training in order to maintain our level of performance.


Joseph MARTIN aims to limit the impact of its activity on the natural environment through modern and adapted infrastructures, but also by raising the awareness of its employees about locally accessible and environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Company directorate:

  • Joseph MARTIN: famer / bar turner
  • Germaine MARTIN: price study + second machining

The passion for mechanic marks the beginning of a great family story which will be the basis of the success of the company.

The machinery, placed in the family home in Vougy, is composed of 20 mono-spindle machines and the parts are made for capital goods, telephony and connector technology.

Company directorate:

  • Roger MARTIN

Conception and creation of the lighter wheels shaping machine. Year 1969 marks also the acquisition of the first cam-operated multi-spindle machines.

Company directorate:

  • Roger Martin

After the creation of the second machining production floor in the 70s, the company invests in its first expansion on Vougy site.

Company directorate:

  • 1996 Michel MARTIN

Historic partnership with clients that continues today. The company Joseph Martin is building its reputation and developing with successive expansions on the Vougy site.

Company directorate:

  • Laurent MARTIN

International opening. The company is moving towards the automotive sector and accompany the main market leaders. To keep up with this pace, Joseph Martin is upgrading with CNC driven multi-spindles machines.

Company directorate:

  • Laurent MARTIN

1st certification ISO TS 16949

Alignment of the quality system to respond to manufacturers and equipment suppliers of automotive industry.

Company directorate:

  • Laurent MARTIN

Acquisition of the HPF site in order to structure and support the development of our new skills. The company offers sub-assemblies assembly solutions to its customers.

Company directorate:

  • Laurent MARTIN

Modernization of manufacturing workshops in order to improve the working conditions of our employees and meet environmental requirements.

Company directorate:

  • Laurent MARTIN

Certification ISO 14 001

The company is committed to the future in order to control its environmental impact.

Company directorate:

  • Laurent MARTIN

Market diversification and 4.0 structuring of the company. Flexibility and automation of our means of production.

Quality and control of our process

Our identity is based on human values and a strong commitment from our employees. In our search for excellence, we can rely on a committed, determined and persevering staff.

At Joseph MARTIN, our reactivity is based on a local subcontracting network and a short decision circuit.

Our performance is guaranteed by a solid quality management system. The design and the control of our detection means, allow us to display proven indicators at 2ppm.

Our culture of cleanliness and our technological investments respond positively to the high demands of our clients. Joseph MARTIN invests in the latest generation control equipment, some of which are unique in Europe, guaranteeing precise and reliable measurements.

Our field training on the ranges and our statistical monitoring are under quality authority with dedicated people. In this continuous improvement process, at Joseph MARTIN, we promote versatility and skills development.

CSR implementation

We have placed at the center of our concerns aspects related to our social and environmental responsibility in the context of our commercial activities and our relations with stakeholders.


We are fighting against all discrimination and we ensure that working conditions preserve health and safety of each of our employees.


For many years, we have invested in equipment that reduces our impact on the environment, we ensure rigorous regulatory monitoring and involve our employees in this process every day. These actions are enhanced by ISO 14001 certification.


We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. Beyond quality criteria, the selection of these also takes into account ethical criteria, respect for social rights, principles of risk prevention and respect for the environment.