Materials manufactured

Our equipment and know-how allow us to manufacture parts in various material such as:

 Technical plastic turning

  • PEEK: natural Peek, PEEK with carbon fibre, graphite & Teflon
  • PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
  • POM (polyoxymethylene): POM C and POM H
  • Ertalon (PA)
machined part in plastic
stainless steel screw-cutting part

Stainless steel turning

  • Ferritic
  • Magnetic
  • Martensitic
  • Austenitic

Steel turning

  • Acier haut carbone
  • Acier bas carbone
  • Fer silicium
  • Réfractaire
turning parts in refractory steel
copper allow turning

Copper alloys turning

  • Brass with & without lead

We have developed processes for the Connector industry that enable lead-free brass to be manufactured improving productivity.

  • Bronze

Aluminum turning

  • Range 2000
  • Range 6000
  • ALECO 62 Sn …
bar-turning part in alumunium

According to your specifications, specific quality controls can be carried out at our material suppliers.