Bar turning and high precision subassemblies ranging from 0,5mm to 22mm
High precision is our job, Human our strength.
A passion for mechanical engineering has been the driving force behind our family business since 1946.

Stainless steel, inox, steel turned parts
Joseph Martin
Tornos Multiswiss Martin Joseph
Expertise and Innovation
A widely recognized expertise :
Innovation in the heart of developpement
Our core business : machining for automotive industry
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turning, precision machining, stainless steel part manufacturing

Bar turning and high-precision subassemblies

The company Joseph Martin specialises in bar turning and high-precision subassemblies ranging from 0.5 to 22 mm.

Since 1946, the company has been drawing on its know-how and professionalism to serve the needs of an increasingly demanding customer base.

It supports its customers in co-design work, with a particular focus on components relating to fluid control.

It has some of the best production equipment available, and all members of staff are highly qualified.

Joseph Martin SA is a certified company which has always been able to fulfil its customers’ expectations, in terms of both quality and service.


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