Stainless steel cutting

Stainless steel part turning

The company Joseph Martin produces parts made of stainless steel materials: drawn, rectified, sintered materials, using pre-treated or annealed billets or bars.


The various stainless steel qualities

  • Ferritic: 430, 444, etc.
  • Austenitic: 303, 304L, 316L, etc.
  • Martensitic: 416, 420, etc.

Our main suppliers of materials: Sandvik, Schmolz+Bickenbach

Checks carried out using eddy currents

The suppliers of our materials carry out a check using eddy currents.


We offer our customers a full service which can include heat or surface treatment.


Heat treatment for stainless steel materials:

  • Over-hardening
  • Kolsterising


Surface treatments for stainless steel materials

  • Passivation

Heat and surface treatments are carried out via certified subcontractors.

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