Areas of application

The quality and environmental Management system describes the general arrangements taken by the company Joseph MARTIN to obtain, ensure and improve the quality of the products delivered and the performance of the means implemented to satisfy the customer.

It also describes the arrangements made in the context of the environmental approach. The goal is to limit the impact of the company’s activities on the environment and to ensure the management of emergency situations.

The activity of the company is exclusively subcontracted work, based on customer owned drawings; The design and development requirements of the product are therefore excluded from the scope of application.

The approach applies to the two Joseph MARTIN sites, Vougy and Bonneville, and to all the products and activities of the company, described in the life cycle below, the company masters or has an influence on.

This area of application is determined on the basis of external and internal issues, the requirements of interested parties as analyzed in the company’s strategic Plan.

The IATF 16949 repository applies exclusively to automotive customers.


Humans Ressources 

  • Ten people who are independent of the production sectors and cover all of the teams
  • Skills covering quality tools, dimensional measurements, statistics, checking heat and surface treatments, customers’ requirements, etc.
  • A project management trained in both APQP and suppliers’ technologies


  • Development of the APQP phases when embarking on new projects; presentation of all changes to processes in PPAP form
  • Calculation of uncertainties and R&R according to the customer’s own standards (MSA)
  • Capability index calculation
  • Production monitoring by means of SPC
  • Validation of the software used in the unit checking machines
  • System, process and product audits
  • Development and monitoring of suppliers
  • Problem-solving using tools such as 8D, 5M, ISCHIKAWA, 5 WHY, etc.
  • LEAN tools such as VSM, visual management, etc.

Hardware Ressources and Methods

  •  Infrastructure
    • Two metrology rooms (one on each site)
    • One cleanliness checking lab
  • Machines, equipment and software
  • Automatic checking machines
  • Traditional checking resources (more than 5000)
  • Managing checking resources using ERP PROCOST
  • Benchmarking operations which are either carried out in-house or entrusted to laboratories whose services are accredited according to the ISO 17025 standard.