Bar turning research department

At Joseph MARTIN we work in-house on designing and building any tools and equipment which may be needed in order to produce parts and subassemblies, and our tool and mechanical workshops have all the latest CNC machine technologies.
Our specific equipment allows us to manage our production, assembly and inspection processes, and also ensures that we meet the cleanliness standards required by our customers.

turned parts research department


At MARTIN we support our customers through the process of designing their bar turning products. Ranging from the choice of materials through to decisions on subassemblies, we stress our know-how and experience so that we can offer targeted solutions at the best possible prices.
From prototypes right through to mass production, we optimise and ensure the reliability of these manufacturing processes by means of strict management of the APQP phases.

turned parts co-conception

Specific Equipment’s design

Specific production means of Joseph Martin’s company.
  • Knurling attachment
  • Complete adaptation for secondary-operation machining
  • Roller finishing attachment

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