15 Sep

IOT4 Industry : Driving a production process with Automated Process Control (APC)

In order to achieve industrial excellence Joseph MARTIN is now striving to organize “smart workshop”.


This is the industry 4.0 whose main principles are:

  • Interconnection between machines, devices, and humans;
  • Information transparency in order to collect great amounts of data;
  • Technical assistance and training of operators on new technology;
  • Decentralized decisions in order to perform as autonomously as possible.


Thanks to the introduction of Automated Process Control (APC) Joseph Martin SA will be able to automatically setup the machine tools, create interconnections in their plant and be more effective in their production.


In traditional industries, operator must control the process. With APC, the software is connected to the control means and interacts on the machine in real time, so it can calculate the right corrections even if these are interdependent.


Our APC software avoids any miscalculation problem and standardizes machines setting methodology. It can help to increase the speed of serial change and reduce the costs of non-quality. The target is to improve these main Key Process Indicator. This project results therefore from a real need to improve quality of parts in the automotive industry.


For this project, funded under the European H2020 IOT4Industry program – co-supported by Mont-Blanc Industries, the challenge  is to create the connections between the measuring devices, APC software and turning machine. The first prototype on an Index is ongoing and first results will be available in September 2020.